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Jainaba Jobarteh: Easy Health Tips

· Jainaba Jobarteh

Jainaba Jobarteh lives in Madrid, Spain, where she helps grow a community co-op garden, offers health lectures and is active at local social events. Jainaba known for her passion for health, and she’s helped many people make positive changes in their lives. “I like knowing that entire families are healthier because I inspired them to change just a few habits,” she said.

Tips like these are easy ways that you can follow Jainaba Jobarteh’s lead and start living a happier, healthier life:

· Find a Reason to be Active

If you’ve tried and failed to start exercising multiple times, find a reason to be active instead. For example, join a local hiking group, accept a side job as a dog walker or take your nephew to the park to play tag. Whatever you can find that’ll motivate you to be active, give it a go!

· Pay Attention to Serving Sizes

Do you know how many servings come in a single bag of chips? Often ten or more, at around 180 calories per serving. That’s 1,800 calories, and many of us have eaten an entire bag in one sitting. Look for serving sizes, measure your food and stick to a single serving. Soon, you’ll start to notice changes in your health as you join aware eaters like Jainaba Jobarteh everywhere.

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