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Jainaba Jobarteh: Imparting Knowledge to Kids

· Jainaba Jobarteh

As a food co-op founder with years of experience, Jainaba Jobarteh has always loved using her expertise to help the people in her community, both young and old. One of the ways she found easy to do this is to assist classroom teachers in her neighborhood. She began teaching sixth- and seventh-grade students on various health topics and diets.

Science teachers sometimes ask for Jobarteh's input on laboratory exercises and educational handouts. On occasion, she will give talks that elaborate on the topic that's relevant to the lesson. These topics have ranged from planting fruits to the best climatic conditions for growth, while the lab exercises have allowed students to follow the early growth of seedlings.

Whenever there's a news item about areas going through harsh dry periods and droughts, Ms. Jobarteh takes it upon herself to educate curious students who have numerous questions about it. "My reward is the interaction I have with the young kids and to share their excitement about growing food," she said.

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